We install your hair with the perfect finishing, we won’t ruin nor spoil your frontal. We respect and have value for your money and hair.

Are you looking for a hair clinic where we can revamp your old disgruntled and unwanted human hair that is either giving an unfavorable odour or not the looks it used to have? We have you covered.

You are safe when you allow Limaf help sew your weavon caps (wigging) with us because we deliver exactly what you desire.

Let’s take proper and accurate care of your hands and feet very well. Coke feel and sense real massage during the whole process.

We dye / tint  hairs to any desired colour specifications with authentic products that will make you stand out among your contemporaries.

We sell hair at discounted prices, irrespective of who you are, we can always work with your budget. Our hairs are 100% human hairs. In case of doubt, feel free to walk into our store to feel and compare.


Welcome to Limaf Business Ventures. This is a brand managed and owned by two indivi...


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